Alexa Voice Control Now Added In TiVo DVRs.

Alexa Voice Control Now Added In TiVo DVRs.

From Now onwards, some of the TiVo DVR’s will start getting Alexa support. The company has recently revealed 4 models: Roamio, Bolt, Premiere and Bolt Vox in which users will get Alexa voice support. Alexa is a Virtual Assistant which is available in all Amazon’s smart devices like Echo, tap, and Dot. You will be able to change channels, jump forward or backward and skip commercials simply with your voice.

A Third-party DVR maker is adding support for Virtual Assistant Alexa in the selected models.

With the help of developer tools, it has now become possible to add Voice control feature to streaming services, content providers and cable and satellite TV companies. For instance, Dish TV, earlier this year added voice-support to its service and became the first of its kind TV provider in the U.S. Other companies working presently with Amazon are TechCrunch, DirecTV, and Verizon.

Amazon video skill was added in March in DVR recorders that are now offering the users to set and manage DVR recordings through voice. This is what TiVo has added in its DVRs. The company is now experiencing voice support through video Skill API.

Apart from this, TiVo has also introduced plans to add smart home integration through Google and Amazon Alexa.

According to company officials, we are giving the opportunity to our users to control all the things available at home with TiVo remote. For instance, you can change the channel by simply speaking to Alexa. You can watch Fox, CBS, Hulu, Amazon, etc. by simply saying Alexa, open ‘xyz’ channel.

The only difference between the implementation of Alexa to the device in TiVo DVRs and other DVR makers is the way of using and controlling devices through unique codes and features. There’s skip mode available in TiVo DVR which is not available in any other DVR.

You simply command to Alexa to skip commercials. It will act to it and skip the commercials accordingly. In the same way, if you want to jump forward or backward for 8 seconds, then you can do so easily through Voice-assistant Alexa.

According to Heymann, Senior Director at TiVo, the life of people have now become untethered with the advent of such Voice control devices. The users can enjoy the cool stuff and favorite program on their TV while having dinner or preparing it without touching the remote. Simply speak through Mic and see the results immediately. The things have now become easier than earlier.

A placeholder screen is on its way to its launch that is soon going to appear on Alexa supported devices. The screen as of now is saying, ‘Alexa coming soon’ and you will find it on the latest upcoming software version 20.7.4 or later.

The amazing fact about Voice Assistant support in TiVo is that they have developed this functionality on their own. They have not taken from any other company. You will get the voice remote control with newer Bolt VOX and mini VOX models offering the same functions as that of Alexa.

However, apart from this, TiVo is also offering the remote separately to the users who are using the supported devices. The company in its press conference said, with this add-on in the device, the company can easily stand in competition with other rival companies in the market.

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