Amazon Fire TV Cube, A 4K Box That Can Give Voice.

Amazon Fire TV Cube, A 4K Box That Can Give Voice.

Alexa, Echo and Fire TV in one product! You must be thinking that this is a dream combination, but then this dream combination is going to come to reality. Let us know more about the device that will comprise of all three things.

We knew the conventional multimedia boxes, the multimedia boxes with an assistant, but not the multimedia boxes with assistant and speaker. Yet that’s what Amazon now offers with the Fire TV Cube, a 4K multimedia box that embeds microphones and speaker to interact more easily with his virtual assistant Alexa.

This new box is aptly named since it looks like a cube – hope for him that it will be less subject to the bugs of youth than that of Canal +. Rather sober, it displays four buttons on the top and a bright border on one of its edges. This is reminiscent of the layout of Echo Dot and other Echo just landed on the French market. And for good reason: this multimedia box is not content to broadcast content on a TV because it also fulfills the role of domestic assistant.

To be clear, this box contains all the elements of the Echo family, namely eight microphones and a speaker. The interaction with Alexa – the assistant of Amazon – is thus facilitated, because it is not necessary to turn on his television and to use his remote control as it is the case on the Apple TV 4K or the NVidia Shield TV, for example.

The wizard service offered is quite comparable to Amazon’s Echo and Echo Dot. Except that the Fire TV Cube has all the connectivity needed to connect to a TV because it also serves as a 4K multimedia box. There, the features are modeled on the Fire TV proposed by Amazon for several months. We thus find an interface quite similar to that of the Fire TV Stick that we recently tested.

As a reminder, there is the talk of a multimedia box in its own right, comparable to what Apple TV and Shield TV mentioned above. Namely, an application market to install many streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or Molotov. Unfortunately, the French market is still poorly served, and we can deplore the lack of myCanal or OCS application to name just two.

On the technical side, there is support for 4K videos, HDR-10 or Dolby Atmos sound. Inside, the chip embeds a quad-core processor (Cortex-A53 at 1.53 GHz) and comes with 16 GB of storage space – a capacity that can not be expanded, no memory card reader being present. If there are eight microphones in the case, Amazon still chose to keep the microphone built into the remote that interacts with the Bluetooth case. The firm nonetheless provides an infrared adapter to connect to the housing, allowing the use of a universal remote control type Logitech Harmony.

The network portion is provided by Wi-Fi connectivity N / AC 2×2. Those who prefer wired can use the provided USB-Ethernet adapter – which is not the case on Fire TV and Fire TV Stick.

Launched at $ 120 across the Atlantic, the Fire TV Cube seems to be quite interesting on paper. Combining the roles of home assistant and multimedia box, it will rub the solutions where for example you cumulate an Android TV 4K to a Google Home Mini or Apple TV 4K to a HomePod – although the latter will likely offer better sound reproduction. Better than these solutions, while remaining quite comprehensive, the Fire TV Cube has everything to please.

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