Amazon Is Planning To Launch Free, Ad-Supported Video Channel For Fire TV Users.

Amazon Is Planning To Launch Free, Ad-Supported Video Channel For Fire TV Users.

Fire TV, one of the best media streaming player in the digital market is planning to play a game in the television advertising market by launching ad-supported video service especially for Fire TV owners. This information has been revealed by top reporters on the internet. Let’s discuss what this news actually is.

The Amazon Company is going to launch a service by the name of ‘Free Dive’. The basic idea or concept of this channel is similar to that of the Roku channel. If you have gone through the Roku channel, then you can easily understand the concept of this newly introduced service.

For your information, we want to mention here that Roku channel is a video streaming service with ad-support built-in. This channel is available for streaming media players and sticks developed by Roku. The basic objective behind launching this service is to increase or expand the platform for business. The company is offering a mixture of content from the old catalog and that too without any cost. The complete information about this can also be attained from the Roku support page. Similar to this, Amazon is planning to introduce the same platform.

According to Amazon reports, at present, there are more than 48 million users who are using the Amazon Fire TV device. Some in the form of HDMI stick and 4K equipped dongle and some in the form of Amazon fire TV cube. Though there is no data for a number of users who are using the prime membership of Amazon but, it is clear that more than 40 million are using Fire TV device and paying for the subscribed services.

The ad-supported video service will not only substitute to the Prime video but also add up the interest of users towards it in the market. Nowadays, Amazon is getting the licensing from older TV shows to add-up the content in their video library, so that they can provide some list to the users when they start using it. They are getting licensing for all major studios.

According to internet reports, the video service has been developed by IMDB subsidiary and the actions are similar to one that has been taken in the past. Moreover, Amazon has launched the program on IMDB to increase the presence of video service on Twitch. Twitch earlier this month has removed the ability to watch ad-free content on its platform for users.

According to the spokesperson from the company, the company is finalizing the schedules for advertising and it is best to advertise during the ongoing sports and broadcasts. The coming up European soccer league and NFL games in the US will provide the best customer base to Amazon. The company believes this as a growing source of income from the untapped market and it is soon going to expand it to the traditional media distribution.

The exact date of launch of this service is yet not disclosed by the company executives but we can expect it in coming days as Amazon is shifting towards this for monetizing TV content with ads.

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