Amazon Launched New Hardware For Voice-Assisted Products.

Amazon Launched New Hardware For Voice-Assisted Products.

As we have told that there are some devices that are updated from its existing version whereas some are totally new like Echo sub speaker, Fire TV device that will act as recorder for broadcasts. Apart from this, Amazon has launched Basic microwave that will work with Alexa and is priced at $60.

Amazon has now updated its Echo dot, plus and Echo show speakers. The amazing this is that Amazon has kept the price of these models same as that of earlier whereas it has added some tweaks to it to make the sound quality even better.

If we talk about Echo Dot, then it is a bit larger than the former Dot and the outer body is covered with fabric. The size of this product is so compact that you will feel as if some little pouf is placed on the table. The driver size of this product has now increased to 1.6 which was 1.1 earlier. The sound quality is also 7 times better than the previous one. You can connect external speakers to it via Bluetooth or via Audio-out cable. If you want to order this product, then you can order for $50.

The Echo plus, it is a square version of cylindrical echo and has the same shape as that of Echo plus the previous year. The Amazon has changed its name from smart hub to the smart home local voice control. The purpose of this device is to control a maximum number of smart home devices locally. You can turn on lights at home through Alexa even when there is no network connection on your device. According to company officials, you can turn on the lamp, plug and fan with voice assistant Alexa. You can get this product for $150 and is going to deliver next month. You can pre-order this product online from Amazon store.

Now, coming to the Echo show, this is practically more useful than that of other Echo. This device has a speaker with the display. Amazon has updated the outer body, Display and back cover of Echo show. This device is now available for $230. You will get 10” HD display, fabric back covers, and has doubled the capability of controlling the home devices. Apart from this, there is Dolby digital sound processing introduced in this device which will improve the sound quality of it.

A smarter car

A totally new product is added to the line of Echo devices named Echo Auto. This device can be easily hooked on the dashboard of your car and has voice-assistant Alexa inbuilt. You can open a web browser through your phone and even do shopping while driving a car. Just say, Alexa, add xyz things to my shopping cart. It will search for it and add it to your cart. If you want to drive to the coffee shop, then you can command Alexa to find the best possible route. Your mind will not get distracted.

Sound Companions

Five other products other than the above-mentioned products are also released by Amazon. The company has added a class of speaker to existing Echo and added Alexa functionality to non-Amazon products as well. Some of the audio products launched recently by Amazon in the market are Echo Link amp, Echo input, Echo link, and Echo sub.

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