Are you having streaming issues on your Amazon Echo Tap.

Amazon echo is an astounding device and perfect voice assistant but it is gadget and gadgets tend to get hamper from some technical fault. If you are not able to stream on your Amazon Echo Tap or Dot then you can try these troubleshooting steps.

Amazon with it’s Alexa has taken over the world devices .Alexa is user-friendly technology plus you can control your various devices after successful Amazon Alexa Setup. Well, the overall process of set up is very easy but still if you are facing problem then you can  Amazon Echo help. Amazon has become the leader voice assistant devices.

If you are not able to stream music, audiobooks on you Alexa device, then we highlight some common solution which may be helpful for you.

1.    Check your internet connection as low bandwidth is probably a cause of many streaming issues that prevails. To stream content you require at least 512 kbps (0.51 Mbps) speed.

2.    Try to reduce Wi-Fi congestion. If you have multiple devices on your Wi-Fi then you might experience inconsistent perform while streaming.

3. Turn your device off if you are not using them so that you can free up bandwidth.

4. Make sure your Alexa device is placed closer to your router and modem.

5. Move your Alexa away from your walls, metal objects, microwaves etc. else it will create a distraction.

6. In case your Alexa is on the floor then move it to a higher place.

7. Now just restart your device and network hardware.

8. Moreover, you can restart your Alexa device, modem or router to resolve any internet underlying issues.

9. Turn your router off and wait for 30 secs now turn it on.

10. Once you restart your network hardware then turn your Alexa device off and on again.

11. Also, make sure these ports such as 123 443 4070 5353 40317 49317 33434 are open on your router. If you have a firewall then ensure theses ports are open for outgoing traffic.

12. If you are not certain you have a firewall on your network then it’s better to contact network admin or your Internet service provider.

Hope these steps will solve your streaming issues and in case of any major issue contact the technical team of Amazon.