Check Out Six Most Stylish Protective Covers For Kindle E-Reader.

Check Out Six Most Stylish Protective Covers For Kindle E-Reader.

Kindle has several types of covers to protect the Amazon e-reader, found from $69. With products, both original, from the manufacturer and other brands, are found models of various types, which promise to bring more comfort during reading, ensure a more elegant or artistic finish, and even save battery life.

Currently, in the US, Kindle, Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle Voyage and the new Kindle Oasis, waterproof, are priced between $299 and $1,149 at the Amazon store. Here are six cover models for your ebook reader.

Synthetic leather

Synthetic leather covers are common to all Kindle models. The big plus point of these weights is in the finish, as material promises a more comfortable and a decent grip on the device. There are options for both Amazon and other brands.

In addition, depending on the cover, the Kindle gets more charming, old-fashioned book. Some of them even reproduce the texture of the materials used in old brochures. Synthetic leather accessories have prices starting at $150 in the manufacturer’s store.


Regardless of the material used – plastic, rubber or synthetic leather -, origami style sheets can be useful on a daily basis. Created by Amazon, but also adopted by independent brands, the accessory creates a holder on the back of the device, which keeps the e-reader upright, which increases comfort while reading. Prices start at $80.

Magnetic Clasp

In addition to protecting the front of the device, the magnetic zippered sleeves still promise to save battery power. Similar to tablet accessories, such as the iPad, these hoods have magnets that prevent them from being easily opened. In addition, the item detects the action of the magnetic clasp, which leaves the Kindle in hibernation and turns off the display and the illumination of the devices. You can find them for $59.


If you like arts and want to personalize your Kindle, other manufacturers deliver the solution: they are layers with artwork, including paintings, such as the painting “The Starry Night” by Van Gogh. Prices start at $ 69 for versions intended for the incoming Kindle.


“Hands-free” tags are sold by independent brands and feature a design that has a handle to hold the Kindle more easily. The idea is to reduce the fatigue of long reading sessions because of the support that involves the hand. The model with strap can be found from $79.

Other original covers

In addition to the synthetic leather and origami versions, Amazon also has a selection of simpler skins. These accessories use materials of inferior quality, do not have the folding that becomes the support of the origami model, however, they bring prices more into the account. The models start at $99 and are found in various colors.

This was all about the best protective covers for Kindle. Now, it is up to you to decide as to which Kindle cover you want to go with.

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