Check The Security Footage Of Smart Camera Through Alexa Enabled Echo Device.

Check The Security Footage Of Smart Camera Through Alexa Enabled Echo Device.

It has now become possible to catch a live feed of your smart camera through Echo show or Echo spot that has a built-in screen. You can record the live feed through your voice. If you have an Amazon Fire stick, then you can even get it displayed on the TV screen.

It is quite clear from the above passage that there isn’t any further need to connect the smartphone or tablet to the smart camera to get live monitoring on it. You can connect the Amazon smart devices like the Echo show and Echo spot. The only condition is that the camera must support the Amazon smart device. Though the Google is also providing the same functions on Chromecast but this is not similar to the Amazon.

Now, we are going to let you know the list of cameras that support Amazon Echo show and Spot. The list includes Netgear Arlo, Amcrest, Logitech, TP-link, Nest and Honeywell. Moreover, Amazon’s own cloud cam. We recommend you to purchase the camera from above-mentioned brands. If you want to check the complete list, then you can go to Amazon support page. Do check the voice control features and other functions available in the camera before actually buying it. The steps to connect the camera to the Alexa are:

  • Open the Alexa menu and click on ‘Skills’.
  • Open the particular skill from the list of skills. You need not mix the smart home skills with the Alexa voice skills.
  • Once you locate the required skill, connect it to the Alexa account.
  • You have to now configure a camera to the Amazon account. For this, you have to go to ‘Add a device’ button from the smart home section.

Display security camera using Alexa

  • To start watching live camera on your Echo show, speak ‘Alexa show camera (Name)’. The name of the camera is written over the box. If you want to change, you can change it from the camera settings by opening the camera website. To check the camera settings, click on ‘Connected devices’ settings.
  • In case the Echo speaker is connected to the Fire TV device, you can get the display on the TV screen by configuring Fire TV device on TV. You will get voice remote with the Fire TV device.
  • If you want to pause or stop viewing the camera, then speak ‘Alexa stop camera’. You can also speak ‘Hide camera’ or ‘go to home screen, Alexa’.
  • Besides this, you can also come to the home screen by pressing the back button from the fire TV remote. You will be directed to the home screen.
  • The live feed will stay as long as the time is displayed on the screen by a camera developer.  You can’t edit or change the time but you can change the time slot. For example, the time limit available for Nest is 30 minutes.

So, in this manner, you can get the live clips of your smart camera through Amazon Echo devices. We hope you have understood the simple steps mentioned above. If you have any problem, then do contact Amazon Echo Support.

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