Do You Know About Best Features Available In Every Kindle Model?

Do You Know About Best Features Available In Every Kindle Model?

Kindle is designed basically for those people who have a keen interest in reading and those who are finding an alternative to physical books. The world’s largest E-commerce Company, Amazon had launched this product 3 years back keeping in mind the interest and demands of users. Kindle is an E-reader that you can use for reading the books online. You can search for your favorite title on the Kindle store and read the content of that book without any strain on eyes. There is an availability of natural light on the screen, which makes it best suitable for eyes. In some kindle models, you will find backlit for additional brightness on the screen. This doesn’t mean that the Kindle model without backlit will remain uneasy for eyes. This is just an additional feature added to premium models.

Now, I am going to shed light on some of its outstanding features that you will find on all models. After reading the features, you can decide whether it is worth buying the model or not.

Best features of Kindle devices:

Since launch in 2015, Kindle has always remained the first choice of every avid reader due to easy user-interface and smooth functionality. The main selling point of this device is its negligible strain on eyes.

  1. Slim and lightweight: All Kindle models are too light to carry that you won’t find any weight in your hand while holding the device. The shape of the Kindle models is also very slim and thin.
  2. Anti-Glare: This quality allows you to read the content even under direct sunlight which was not available in earlier models. Even after increasing the brightness, you won’t be able to read content due to reflection on the screen. With the advancement of technology, this feature is added.
  3. No strain on eyes: As it is known that kindle E-readers work on E-ink technology, so the strain from its light is almost negligible. You can read the book for longer hours without any strain and headache. You will not feel heaviness in the eyes even after long hours of study.
  4. Long battery backup: The battery backup of every Kindle device is up to one week which means that you can continue using kindle for a week after full charging. The complete charging takes 4 hours approximately.
  5. No Blue light: In normal phones or smartphone, you will find the blue light on the screen for extra illuminance that may sometimes annoy you due to stress on the eyes. You can read or watch videos on such a screen for long hours. Amazon has developed a tailored made device that caters to the needs of the customer.
  6. Thousands of books: You can select any book out of thousands of books available on the Kindle store. If you know the title, publication name or author of the book, then you can do direct searching from the ‘Search’ menu.
  7. Inbuilt dictionary: To help you understand the words in your language, Kindle has introduced an inbuilt dictionary feature in some kindle models with the help of which you can understand or analyze the meaning of words properly. You don’t need a separate dictionary for searching the words.
  8. Enhance your vocabulary: You can enhance or build vocabulary with the help of kindle E-reader. There is an app available on the Kindle app store by the name of vocabulary builder with which you can improve your vocabulary.

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