Do You Know About Echo Connect And How It Works?

Do You Know About Echo Connect And How It Works?

Amazon Echo connect is a type of accessory that can be used with any of the Echo devices for calling and messaging function. You can do and receive calls on your Echo device with Echo connect. You will not be charged for this service. You need a phone, VoIP from a local telecom provider. Now let’s start with its working.

What are the requirements?

In order to receive and make calls through Echo connect, three things are required: Phone, VoIP, Echo device or echo show and Alexa app installed in your smartphone. This will help Alexa to stay in sync with the contacts available in your phone book. You just have to announce the name of the contact, Alexa will make calls immediately. The Echo connect as of now is available in the U.S.

How to Setup Echo connect?

You need to first connect the phone to the Echo connect through phone jack and then sync the contacts through Amazon Alexa app installed on the smartphone. This app will also be used for configuring the Echo device like dot, echo or tap with the Echo show. After this, you can pronounce the name and Alexa will call through the Echo device. You can talk to the person through the Echo itself.

  1. Launch Alexa app and log in to the account for calling and texting.
  2. Switch on the Echo connect by connecting the power adapter to the socket and to the input port of Connect. You will notice the power LED start blinking and turn to solid in some seconds.
  3. Connect the Echo to the phone through jack. You can use the telephone cable to connect to both ends of devices. If you have Wi-Fi router, then connect through Ethernet cable or telephone adapter.
  4. If you want to connect the Echo connect to more than one phone, then you can make use of a splitter. Connect the Echo connect to the splitter and its other end to the headset and telephone. In case of any help, you can follow the online guide available on support link.
  5. Configure Wi-Fi setup on your Amazon Alexa app and check If it has started working or not.

How to make and receive calls with Echo connect?

With the help of Echo connect and other echo device connected to the home landline phone, you can command Alexa to call anyone from the contact list. You will be connected to the person through VoIP or through landline. Your friend can easily recognize your number being displayed on their phone screen. You don’t need to search for a particular contact from the phone as it will remain in sync with Alexa and it will search automatically.

Considering your time span on Alexa app, it will remember your contacts. You can receive as well as make calls through Echo connect. There are some people who are of the view that we can only make calls through Echo connect but can’t receive. This is the wrong perception, you can do both the things altogether. When you receive a call, your landline will ring, as usual, Alexa will announce the name of the caller. A ringtone and light on the Echo device will start blinking with the incoming call.

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