Do You Know About Sonos System On Alexa? Know All Its Commands.

Do You Know About Sonos System On Alexa? Know All Its Commands.

The option to control Sonos speaker with Alexa has not only made the life easier but also lets you enjoy more and more music. The only drawback of Sonos is its agile app which is however accommodated by Alexa skill. This has changed the way of listening to music through speakers.

Sonos is now packed with Built-in Alexa capability. The main concern is that you can control your Echo through voice by configuring Alexa virtual assistant on it.

Sonos Alexa skill in detail

If you have Amazon Echo and Sonos system at home, then you can control the Sonos with voice through Amazon Echo. Right from controlling music to playback of offline radio and music, everything can be done with the help of voice. Open ‘Alexa app’ and click on ‘Sonos’. After this, you need to hook-up both the accounts together. After the process gets completed, you can start controlling the Sonos with Alexa. If you want to download the latest skill, then keep checking on Amazon official store.

What services come under Sonos skill?

There are plenty of services available for controlling through Alexa given the account must be logged in. The services include:

  1. Amazon Music.
  2. Sirius XM
  3. Pandora.
  4. Tuneln Radio
  5. iheart Radio
  6. Spotify

How to set Spotify as a default music app from Alexa?

For Alexa app users, we are sorry to say that Spotify as of now doesn’t get supported by Alexa app directly but you can control Spotify through Echo enabled device.

There is a special status given to Spotify with which you can control the stuff directly with Voice and set it as a permanent source. To configure this app as a permanent or default music source, you have to go to ‘Settings’ from the ‘Alexa’ app and over to ‘Media and music’ finally. Click on ‘Spotify’.

List of things which are not covered under Sonos Alexa

You can’t play radio or Spotify radio through Sonos Alexa. The podcast is another thing that can’t support Alexa but you can use the Sonos App. If you want you can add a special playlist in Spotify. This can be done by adding the same in the listed playlist. You must specify the name in the instruction list. If you have music in the group, then sorry you can’t play the same. All third-party speakers don’t support music group with Alexa. The group within the Sonos app is not supported. If you have any offline music in the library or have sleep timer to turn off the music, then this is not supported by Sonos Alexa. For more information, you can go to online device support.

List of common Sonos Alexa commands:

  • Speak ‘Alexa’.
  • Say ‘Play’ followed by ‘Name of song or artist’.
  • If more than one Sonos is connected, then select the right system from the option by speaking the name of the speaker.
  • If you want to play any service that is not available in the default service, then you have to add it first, then play it. For instance, Spotify.

In case of any confusion or clarification, contact Amazon Alexa Setup.

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