Facing Annoying Remote Issues With Your Amazon Fire TV?

Facing Annoying Remote Issues With Your Amazon Fire TV?

Today, I am going to share my personal experience of having Fire TV at home. One day I was watching my favorite movie on Fire stick. In the midway, I decided to take a nap and will continue the second half of the movie after this. When I picked up the remote to pause the movie, I noticed that nothing has happened to the movie even after pressing the pause button it keeps on playing.

I tried to solve it by disconnecting the Fire TV from the supply but it hasn’t solved my purpose completely. Then I come to know that there is some problem with my Fire TV remote. Now, I am going to share some solutions if your Fire TV remote is not working.

Fire TV remote not working

I am suggesting some reasons that may cause an issue with the Fire TV remote. Read all these reasons one by one and perform the steps accordingly.

  1. Check the remote batteries: If you have not changed the batteries after you have purchased your Fire TV, then the batteries may be drained. I suggest you check the batteries and replace with new one.
  2. Is the Fire TV remote compatible? This condition is valid only for those who have purchased the remote separately from the TV box. There is a number of remotes that work and not work with Fire TV all models. So, you must check before buying from the market.

For your information, I want to tell you that Fire TV also supports Game controllers that can be used as remote for it. If you are buying a third-party remote, then you must check its compatibility with the desired model from Amazon.com link. All the models are available on this website.

  1. Is the remote damaged? If you have changed the batteries of your remote and still facing a problem with the original remote, then there are chances that your remote might be damaged. In such cases, the only option is to buy a new remote either from the store or from an online site. You can order online from the Amazon store. It is available for as low as $10. You can even buy customized remote for your Fire TV that has Netflix, and other dedicated buttons affixed on it.
  2. Other generic fixes: Apart from above-mentioned solutions, there are some other reasons due to which your remote might stopped responding. You must read these reasons and generic fixes carefully.
  • The distance between the TV remote and the device is an important factor for the seamless operation of the remote. If the distance is more than 10 feet, then your remote will not respond.
  • Your remote is connected to the Fire TV via Bluetooth but not via infrared rays. This means that there is no line of sight communication required but you must keep the Fire TV device away from obstructions like inside cabinet or in a closed box. I recommend you to keep the Fire TV in open.
  • Keep all the electrical devices away from the Fire TV as this may create a problem due to electromagnetic interference.

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