Facing Problem With Amazon Echo And Alexa Setup? Here’s Quick Guide.

Facing Problem With Amazon Echo And Alexa Setup? Here’s Quick Guide.

Are you facing setup issue with Amazon Echo and Alexa? Well, we are going to discuss some tweaks that will help you in getting back to the voice commands experience.

1.       Uninstall Alexa from mobile

     If you notice white screen on Alexa app, then to get rid of this, we recommend you to uninstall the Alexa app from a smartphone by implementing the steps given on ‘Uninstall the app’ guide.

2.       Disable Smart network

     You need to switch off the Wi-Fi network from the smartphone connected to the Echo by following steps.

  • If you stuck in between the setup process, then leave the app as it is and open the device settings.
  • Open ‘Wi-fi’ and on the smartphone screen, you will find the ‘Switching to network’ option. Disable this option if enabled on screen.

From the Samsung devices, click on 3 dots menu given at the right corner of the ‘Advanced settings’. Disable the Smart network option and enable cellular data. Go back to the app and check if it started downloading or not.

3.       Change the date and time of phone

     If there is some mismatch between the date and time of phone and Echo, then the setup will not get completed. In such cases, you have to change the date and time manually by tapping on ‘Settings’.

From device settings, click on ‘Date and time’ and click on ‘Auto update of date and time’. If you are getting the problem with the date and time, then click on calendar app. For more information, you can contact your device manufacturer.

4.       Update android system web view

     A normal user may not think of updating the app if they are facing the problem with the Echo setup. However, updating the app to the latest version sometimes help in fixing the setup problem. Try updating the app. update the app through the app store or playstore depending on the type of OS version you are using.

  • Open app store or playstore from the mobile and enter the Android web view in the search window.
  • Check if the update button is available for tapping or not. If available, then update the app and check if the problem is resolved or not.

5.       Disable all VPNs and Ads

     If you have installed VPN in your smartphone for streaming the app outside the home location, then you must disable it for a while and check if the problem is resolved or not. If you don’t know the process to download VPN apps in your phone, then check out on App support link.

6.       Setup Alexa through Webpage

     If after implementing the above-mentioned fix, you are still facing the same problem, then you can try setting up Alexa with echo through the website. Open Alexa webpage on your PC and sign in to the account through Amazon credentials.

You will find the interfacing and the look of the site is similar to the app installed on your phone. So, it would be comfortable for you to use webpage instead of the app. Go to ‘Setting’ and click on ‘Setting up a new device’ option. Follow the steps mentioned in the guide. If you are not having a PC, then you can open the website from the phone even. Open chrome browser and click on the 3 dot icon appear on the top of the page. Here, you will find the ‘Desktop’ version option. Click to open it.

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