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The Amazon Fire TV is an extraordinary streaming media player, which captures content from the internet and then, it is displayed on the TV screen. Digital content like video, music and games can be streamed through Amazon Fire TV. Amazon has launched two models, these are; Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. Amazon Fire TV is square device, which can be connected to the TV in order to stream the content. Whereas, Fire TV Stick is just like a USB Flash Drive, which gets connected to the USB port of the TV. Both the devices have a plenty of amazing features in terms of streaming, like, both the models support 1080p HD resolution, but Fire TV also supports 4K Ultra HD.

Amazon Fire TV will operate after it is being plugged into the wall power outlet with AC adapter. Whereas, Amazon Fire Stick will be connected to the USB port from where it will also get the power. The memory of Fire TV is more than the Fire Stick, plus the performance is also a lot better in the former device. Fire TV can has an Ethernet cable as well, which can be used to connect the router with the device. There is a microSD card slot to allow more storage. All these things are not present in the Fire Stick.

Both these devices are doing great in the market, as they work impeccably well with all the smart TVs. But, there are certain issues in both the devices that can frustrate the users. In order to alleviate this frustration, we at Amazon Device Support have come up with a boatload of comprehensive solutions that cover all the issues that could possible arrive in Fire TV as well as Fire Stick. Get the best Fire TV support at Amazon Device Support, but the support will not be like what you’ve been getting from other support centres. The support is not provided over phone calls, but it is given directly on the website, so if you are using either these two devices, then you can check out the troubleshooting steps that are given at Amazon Device Support.

Here are the Amazon Fire TV issues for which you can find the troubleshooting steps on Amazon Device Support:

  1. Fire TV SupportAmazon Fire TV not working.
  2. Unable to connect Kindle Fire to TV.
  3. There is only video but no sound while streaming content from Amazon Fire TV.
  4. Blank screen coming on the TV while streaming videos.
  5. Unable to purchase or access digital content from the web.
  6. Unable to see the movies, photos and other content that I’ve downloaded.
  7. Some of the applications are not working properly on Fire TV.
  8. Cannot connect Kindle to TV for transferring of data for streaming.
  9. Can’t remember Amazon Video PIN.
  10. Trouble in accessing the external storage.

Now, let us discuss Amazon Fire Stick issues that can be fixed by taking a look at the troubleshooting steps given at Amazon Device Support.

  1. Unable to setup Amazon Fire Stick in a proper manner.
  2. Amazon Fire Stick not able to connect to the Wi-Fi network.
  3. Unable to pair a remote or remote controller.
  4. Audio and/or video not coming properly.
  5. Amazon Fire Stick not charging.
  6. Fire Stick help for Fire app related issues.

Amazon Device Support is your one-stop place to get all the issues fixed in Amazon Fire TV as well as Amazon Fire Stick. Where most companies don’t provide Amazon Fire Stick support, we at Amazon Device Support have mentioned all the steps related to every single issue that arrive in Fire Stick.

When it comes to Amazon Fire TV support, we have already covered all the aspects, so it doesn’t if the issue in your Fire TV is common or rare, you will find the precise troubleshooting steps on our website. Browse Amazon Device Support for quick and accurate solutions for Fire TV and Fire Stick problems.

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