Five Easy To Steps To Learn To Install Apps On Fire TV

Five Easy To Steps To Learn To Install Apps On Fire TV

I used to think that installing apps on a streaming device is easy, but then, I came across many online forums in which people were asking each other about the right steps to install apps on streaming devices especially Amazon Fire TV. This is exactly what I’m going to discuss today, so just read this guide till the end.

With the number of Fire TV users continues to rise, a lot of queries related to adding apps on Fire TV have been raised by the users. Many users have no idea how to install, which has come as a surprise for me because there is nothing complicated in the process of installing apps on Fire TV, yet people are not being able to do so. But, this is how it is, so instead of going into the details as to why they are not being able to install the apps, let me just provide them with the steps that they can follow to install the apps.

Step 1: Update Amazone Fire TV to the latest software

Users need to check whether they have properly set up their Fire TV or not. Setting up Fire TV is easy, as they just need to plug the device into the available HDMI port of the TV and then, attach a power cable followed by going through on-screen instructions. Don’t forget to enter your Amazon details, consisting of your email and password. You will require the same details while installing the apps as well.

Pay attention to Fire TV whether it has got the latest software or not. You can see it under ‘Settings’ > ‘System’ > ‘About’.

Step 2: Browse Apps

If there are apps that you have planned to get on your Fire TV, then you can scroll through the main menu with the help of Fire TV control to select those apps. If you are looking to get the apps from other app stores, then you will be seeing multiple categories, so you can scroll through those categories in order to find the apps that you want. You will definitely want to have apps like Netflix, HBO Go, Plex, Hulu, Disney Life, YouTube and other similar apps.

If you are interested in games, then you can download your favorite games on Fire TV. Some apps on Fire TV would be free, where others are going to be paid. So, you will have to add a payment method linked to your Amazon account. You can pay the cost of a subscription with those payment methods.

If you are unsure about a certain app whether you should get it or not, then you can check details of that app by pressing ‘circular’ button that you can find at the center of the direction buttons.

Step 3: Install the Apps

Once you have shortlisted the apps that you would like to have in your Amazon Fire TV, then you will have to press that circular ‘select’ button followed by ‘Get’ button to start the installation.

Step 4: Open the app

After you download the app, it is going to be automatically installed. You will see the ‘Open’ button corresponding to the app that has just been installed. Where some apps are launched by simply pressing the ‘Open’ button, while others require you to enter a username and password to access all the content. Apps like Netflix, Hulu and HBO Go will want user credentials.

There is no need to be frustrated with the signing in the process because when you sign into an application, you get to see the content that is based upon your personal preferences. You can easily resume videos from where you’ve left off.

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