Here’s How You Can Send And Receive Mail On Kindle Fire Device.

Here’s How You Can Send And Receive Mail On Kindle Fire Device.

The steps to read and reply to the email from kindle fire are discussed here as under:

  • Open mail app: Go to home screen and click on ‘Email’ icon. You will find an envelope on the screen. This means email shortcut. You can press it. If no shortcut is available on screen, then you can go to ‘apps’ section and open email app from there. Hold on app icon till the menu appears.
  • Add account details: Enter the email account details in the field. The account details include username and password. In the username field, you will be prompted to enter the email address.

Note: If your email address has a special character in it, then you can enter by using the number + shift key.

Enter the password after this followed by ‘Next’ option.

If you have more than one email account and want to switch to that account, then click on ‘Add another email’. This will sync the kindle email app with the newly added account.

  • Composing a message: Now, you can start sending a message to your friend or colleague. Click on ‘Compose’ and start typing your message in the given field. You need to enter ‘email address’ in the ‘To’ field and subject in the ‘Subject’ field.
  • Once you have entered everything, you can send the message by clicking ‘Send’. If everything is normal, then your friend will receive the mail within seconds.
  • Open your mail and reply: If you have sent the test mail to yourself, then you can reply to that mail from ‘Reply’ button. Click on ‘Reply’ button and enter the message of your choice. If you want to scroll down to the bottom, use your fingertips for this.
  • When you reply to the mail, you are not required to enter an email address again in the ‘To’ field. Similarly, if you want to delete any message, click on ‘Delete’ option.
  • Check settings: There is a number of options and settings available in the mail app. You can explore these settings from the ‘Settings’ option of your mail. You can change the theme, view the message and change the font size.
  • From mail inbox screen, Click on ‘3 horizontal’ lines. This will take you to the settings page. Open ‘Synchronization’ settings and set the email settings to ‘Default’.

Besides this, if you want to download the attachment or want it to download automatically, then you can set the things accordingly. If you want the attachment to be downloaded only when connected to the Wi-Fi, then you can set these settings on your mail. If you are going out of the station and want to set ‘Auto-reply’ message, then you can set the vacation mail on kindle Help fire tablet.

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