How Amazon Echo Has Become The Leader In The Smart Home War?

Everybody wants to know how Amazon Echo has surpassed all other brands and their products to become a leader in the smart home industry. Every product has its own features, but what features of Amazon Echo makes it a stand-out amongst others. Many people agree upon the fact that Amazon Echo has a number of interesting and unusual things that are nowhere to be found on other devices. Amazon Echo has been doing extremely well from the day it was launched into the market. Find more about Amazon Echo setup at www Amazon com echosetup website.

Amazon Echo is not a Bluetooth speaker and neither was it advertised so. If you find people calling Amazon Echo a ‘Bluetooth Speaker’, then you should tell them that perhaps they should call their cars a ‘BluAmazon Echo Helpetooth Speaker’ too. Amazon Echo has a Bluetooth that you can use to connect your phone to the speakers, but the company never advertised the product in that way. To be honest, the Bluetooth feature is perhaps the least used feature of the device. Not many people use this feature because they know that Amazon Echo has a lot more things in the offering. There is more than one way of playing anything on the Alexa, so Bluetooth feature is not the only good thing that you are going to see in Amazon Echo.

There was a buzz created in the June 2015, when Amazon has launched the voice technology of Alexa to permit the developers other than those who work in Amazon to build applications for the device. It was the same month when Amazon Echo was also released to the public. It won’t be wrong to say that Amazon Echo has launched its open API after the launch in June 2015. Also, some changes in Amazon Alexa setup were also made during this period.

Coming to the question that whether Amazon Echo is the leader in the smart home war, then ‘yes’ it is. Amazon Echo is a smart home gadget, but there is no competition of the device because other gadgets who belong in the smart home gadgets category have different set of features and functionality, so it will be wrong to compare these devices with Amazon Echo. Amazon Echo is trying to carve out a new category in the smart home industry, and it is wrong to say that this device is a leader or something like that because the device is different, the customers are different, so how could a device be crowned a leader when there is no other device in the competition.

Now, coming to the setup part of the device, then Amazon Echo setup is quite easy to perform and you easily do it if you go to the official site of the company and search for Echo setup. There are just 4-5 steps that you need to perform in the same order and you will do just fine. If you don’t know the website address, then here it is: echosetup. You can go to this website and setup your device. Moreover, all other information related to Echo issues is given on this website only.

Setting up of Amazon Echo and two new devices manufactured by Amazon is same. There are two devices by the name of Amazon Echo Dot and Amazon Echo Tap, which has been launched by the company a while ago. These devices are doing great in the market, as they are made for those people who don’t want all the functions that Amazon Echo has to offer, and also can’t afford Echo device.

If you are using Amazon Echo, Tap or Dot and facing a certain issue, then you can go to Amazon Echo help and support centre for the best assistance. They will help you with the most appropriate solution.