How Can You Share Your Personal Echo With Family Members?

How Can You Share Your Personal Echo With Family Members?

An Echo is a magic gadget that works according to your voice commands. You can ask anything from the Amazon echo through voice assistant Alexa. You can do shopping, listen to music or ask current weather or news from Alexa. Some Echo users in the comment forum have asked how they can share their personal echo with family members. Today, through this page, we are going to discuss steps for ‘How to share echo with family members’.

Why there is a need to share the device?

If you have a family of 2 or more than that, then you can share your device with them without any fear of data gets locked or stolen. You must read this page and try to understand how you can create multiple profiles on the single device.

If you have Amazon account on the official Amazon page and have echo device in your hand then you can listen to music, read books and do shopping of your choice. You can configure your Amazon account with any Echo model like tap, dot or Echo show.

Apart from music, you can also add ‘To-do’ list and access all services available for Echo users on Amazon website. If you have Google home devices at home, then you can even control these devices with just your voice. Install Alexa software on the phone and start talking to her. There is a wake-up word to turn on the Alexa. You can set a ‘wakeup’ word according to your choice.

Your family members can also enjoy the same things on your personal echo by just creating a separate profile. They will have full access to the shopping list and booking a cab or pizza for themselves. Just keep on adding the things to the cart and place an order at last.

Note: If your Echo is accessed through another person with your profile, then he/she can easily order things on behalf of your account. In order to protect your account, we recommend you to set a profile password for your account. After this, no one can access your profile through your echo.

How to create an individual profile for using Echo

To add a profile on echo, you have to head to ‘Alexa’ app settings from the smartphone or click on ‘’. You will find the login screen. Log in to the primary account with username and password. Read the instructions given on the page for creating an additional profile under primary profile. If you find any problem in understanding the instructions, then you can send your message through online chat support link.

The steps to add the profile are given below:

  1. Open menu from Alexa app and go to ‘Settings’.
  2. Click on a Primary profile or household profile.
  3. You are required to pass on the device to the person who wants to use your Echo.
  4. Ask him/her to enter the login details for verification purpose.

Once the account gets verified, you can move further and click on link ‘How to use echo’. You will find the relevant data and videos on the support forum. Click on any according to your choice. If you want to get help for adding the things in the cart or ordering pizza from Dominos, then you can click on the relative link.

This is how you can share your Echo device with the family members. In case of any confusion or clarification, contact echosetup


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