How To Add A Password To Your Kindle Device?

How To Add A Password To Your Kindle Device?

As the technology gets more advanced with every passing day, the dark and evil side of the technology is becoming more lethal as well. It is harder to torment the web that is created by hackers because they are using a cutting-edge technology to get into the systems of those who they marked as their targets.

Hackers can hack literally any electronic device, let it be a PC, a tablet or a smartphone. Nothing is protected these days, and this includes Amazon Kindle as well. If you are using a Kindle device and are worried that one of the hackers group will steal your data, then it’s time for you to act. You need to create a strong password for your Kindle device, which is hard to guess. Today, we will be learning about creating a password for Kindle, so pay a close attention to the following information.

The Kindle allows the user to set an unlock password for the home screen – a way to protect data stored in Amazon’s personal library and digital library. Just like on the phone, the owner of the device needs to enter a code to release the access. However, the feature is not enabled by default and needs to be manually configured in the e-reader.

The function is useful to prevent personal information from falling into the hands of criminals in the event of theft. In addition, by blocking the Kindle, users prevent children from accessing the reader and buy books from the online store integrated into the device. Learn, in the following tutorial, how to create a PIN to increase device security.

Step 1. Open the Kindle menu by tapping the button with three dots. Then go to Settings.

Step 2. Under “Device Options,” touch the “Device Password” option.

Step 3. Set a numeric password and repeat it in the field below. In the end, your Kindle will ask for the chosen code to unlock before using.

How to change your PIN

Step 1. To change or disable the Kindle PIN, return to the password menu in the settings.

Step 2. Enter the password you previously set to disable or change the reader access numbering.

The Kindle password is not the same as your Amazon account through which you are able to buy books online. The lock PIN only serves to protect the device itself from unauthorized access and works even if the device is in airplane mode, i.e., completely offline.

If you are able to understand the process of how to create a password for your Kindle device, then go ahead, set a password, and safeguard your Kindle e-reader from all sorts of threats. If you have not been able to fully understand the process, then I would request you to kindly get in touch with kindle Support and know the right way of setting up a password for your Kindle device in detail. The earlier you add a protection to your device, the better it is.

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