How To Check And Fix Virus Encountered In Fire TV Or Stick?

How To Check And Fix Virus Encountered In Fire TV Or Stick?

There is a good number of Fire TV stick or devices that have been encountering old crypto-mining virus and is slowing down the devices. The cryptocurrency is at large by miners on these media streaming devices. As a result, the users are facing problem in streaming the content seamlessly. The so-called virus named ADB.miner is creating a problem in smartphones powered by Android. Nowadays, the same virus is getting a place in your Amazon designed product, Amazon Fire TV. If you are not aware of this virus, then do read the complete guide.

If your device is infected with this virus, then you can easily find out the same by implementing the steps mentioned in this post. If your Fire TV while playing the content responds sluggishly or slowly, then there are chances that your device might be at risk or infected with the virus. You need to take preventive actions at this time.

Another thing that will help out in figuring this attack is’ word ‘Test’ being shown on the screen with the green Android Robot icon.

What infects your device?

For your information, we want to mention here that if you have downloaded an app from third-party sources other than the official app store, then there are chances that your device might get infected. Yes, if you are using the apps that are available in the official app store only, then you are safe to use your media streaming device without any problem and risk. Downloading any illegal apps from other stores may put you at risk.

ADB.miner always attack when you use unsafe apps from third party sources. Moreover, there are chances that these apps may not run on your Firestick and you will find difficult to stream your favorite content.  When you sideload any app from the unofficial app store or from the computer, then you have to enable the developer option given in Amazon Fire TV settings. If you don’t enable this options, then there are strong chances of your device being safe. If you find any problem in disabling or locking the Amazon Fire developer option, then you can contact Fire TV support link.

How to get rid of the virus from the device?

In order to clean up the device, you can remove the virus from it by resetting the Amazon Fire TV. Alternatively, you can use total commander app available online on Amazon app store to detect and eradicate the virus ADB.miner from the device. If you don’t know how to download and install the Commander app, then you can follow the instructions given on the Amazon app store itself.

Yes, if you want to reset your device, then you can go to ‘Device’ settings and go to ‘Reset’ menu. Click to reset the device. When you reset your device, you will be prompted for the action because the whole data related to apps stored in the Fire TV will get deleted and you need to download all the apps again. If you want to continue even after this, then click ‘Yes’ to move further. You will find that your Fire TV stick is reset and all the settings will come to default.

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