How to easily send and receive mails on your kindle fire?

How to easily send and receive mails on your kindle fire?

A kindle tablet has the ability to perform a number of tasks. The primary among these is the ability to send and receive mails.

You can easily send the messages to friends, family, and colleagues by quickly accessing the mail from the tablet. There is a good number of users who still sync the mail inbox on phone, tablets, and PCs.

So, if you want to stay in touch with online contacts through the mail or you are addicted to mailing, then read the steps to setup kindle fire to send and receive mail messages.

  1. Open mail app: From the home screen, click on ‘Email’ icon and open the envelope with letter engrossed on it. If this icon is unavailable on the home screen, then go to ‘Apps’ and search for ‘Email’ app. Hold it till the email menu appears. Click on ‘Add to home’ option from the drop-down menu.
  2. Add the account details: When you open the mail app, you will be prompted to enter the mail address and click ‘Next’.

Note: If your mail contains a special character in the mail address, then you can enter them by using the number keys from the virtual keyboard.

You will find the password box. Click to enter the password carefully and press ‘Next’.

If you are maintaining more than one account, then click to add another mail account. Otherwise, move to inbox directly.

  1. Compose a message: Now, you can send the test message to yourself or to your friend after composing it. Click on ‘Compose’ button to start composing the message. Type the destination mail address in the ‘To’ field and title in the ‘Subject’ field. Type any message of your choice in the given space.
  2. When everything is done, click to send it.  The Kindle will automatically return to inbox view. If everything goes fine, then you will receive the message in your inbox.
  3. Open it and reply to the message: Once you receive the message, you can reply to it by tapping on the ‘Reply’ button. If your message is too long, then you can scroll down to read the complete message. Scrolling is easy with your fingertips on kindle touch.
  4. When you reply to the mail, you won’t be asked to enter the address in the ‘To’ field. You will find all the messages stored on the screen. If you want to delete any message, you can do so, by clicking on the ‘Delete’ button.
  5. Check the settings: There are mammoth of options to explore in the mail app. You can sync the mail, change the message view, theme and text size from the mail option.
  6. From the mail inbox screen, click on ‘Menu’ or 3 horizontal lines given on the left top corner. Click on ‘Settings’. From here, go to ‘Synchronization’ settings and set the mail settings to ‘Default’. To change the size of message text, you can click on images.

Apart from this, if you want the attachment in your message to download automatically when connected to Wi-Fi, then you can do so easily from the settings menu. You can even set ‘Auto-reply’ mode on your mail from kindle fire tablet. In the last, you can say that all set to experience mail on kindle fire.

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