How To Eradicate The Touchscreen Problem Of Your Kindle E-Reader?

How To Eradicate The Touchscreen Problem Of Your Kindle E-Reader?

First of all, we will discuss why this problem encounters. The main reason is any scratch or cracks on the touchscreen. This will affect its operation.

Now, the solution to the Touchscreen unresponsive problem is:

  1. Make More RAM space: If your Kindle Touch screen in unresponsive, then it is best to refresh your system and make more space in your RAM. If there is a memory problem on kindle, then your device may respond slowly to your commands given on screen. Either the screen will get frozen or non-responsive. To clear the RAM space, click on the home button and close all the recently opened apps from the screen by swiping left or right to the screen. Restart your kindle after this.
  2. Restart Kindle: If solution 1 doesn’t work for you, then you can try solving it by restarting kindle. When you restart your Kindle, all the apps will get closed and restart automatically after refreshing. You can now check if the problem is resolved or not. To restart the device, you need to long press the power button. Pressing button for a second will put a device in sleep mode which will not serve our purpose.
  3. Re-adjust the display: This step requires proper attention and we recommend you to perform this step only if the device is out of warranty. In this step, you need to disassemble the device and check the display. Dissembling process may put you in further trouble if the device doesn’t get properly packed after this. Don’t forget to check the tools and instructions available with the Kindle box.
  4. Use of Native apps: If your Kindle is still not responding to your touch, then you can try this solution. If you are getting the problem in particular area on screen or the screen side is brighter, then try testing it with the help of native apps like Calculator etc. It will help you to know the exact point of the problem and you can easily inform the same to the engineer through the telephonic call. Check the orientation function whether it is properly working or not by moving the device to all directions.
  5. Use of calibration tool: Calibration can help you solve a number of kindle problems related to Touchscreen. This function is available only for Kindle users not for iPad users. If you have jailbroken the device, then the calibration tool is available on-screen. To exit jailbreak, just perform reset function.

From an Android device, you can open the same tool from ‘Settings’ menu. Click on the horizontal lines given in the bottom center of the screen. Go to ‘Display’ and click on ‘Touchscreen Tune’ option. This will help you in getting rid of Touchscreen problem.

If the problem is still not solved, then you can contact Kindle support and ask for a concrete solution from technical experts.

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