How To Fix Terrarium TV Buffering Problem For Fire TV Stick?

How To Fix Terrarium TV Buffering Problem For Fire TV Stick?

From last few days, we have been receiving complaints from users related to a problem in streaming Terrarium TV app from Fire TV stick. This problem has been faced by more than 40% of app users and day by day the cases of buffering are getting increased.

Terrarium TV is one of the top streaming app available on Amazon store for Fire TV sticks. You can watch movies and TV shows through this app. If you are among those, who are facing problem in streaming the media, then keep reading the fixing steps.

1.Check network connection speed: A minimum of 5 Mbps is required for streaming normal content. If you want HD streaming, then you need 10 Mbps speed and for 4K streaming, a minimum of 20 Mbps is required. The good thing is that most internet service providers and mobile operators are offering this speed at nominal rates so you can subscribe to any plan according to your pocket.

If you are coming across buffering issue on Terrarium app, then there are chances that the internet connection speed is poor or not proper. You may have to contact internet service provider or check if there is a problem with the router or another network device.

2.Stream the content through recommended servers: Terrarium TV app when streaming the content fetches them from different server locations available on the time. However, there are some servers that are highly recommended by the app itself. So, you must consider that server and try playing videos through it.

3.The issue with the server: If the internet speed is OK and you are still facing the buffering issue, then it seems there is an issue with the server that is hosting the content. As you may or may not know that Terrarium doesn’t have its own content, it fetches from different sources or server. When you click to play the content, it starts streaming through available servers.

4.Use of right media with Terrarium app: Terrarium app doesn’t have a sole media player. When you play any content, you will be asked to install the media player first for better performance of streaming. Without best media player, you perhaps find the buffering issues. You can download any media player like VLC, MX or windows media player. All these are supported by this app. If you want to get a list of players, then go to Fire TV stick device support link.

5.Clear Terrarium TV app data: Another fix that you can try to get rid of buffering problem is clearing the app data from the device. After clearing the data the app will restore to default settings. When you clear the data, all settings will be deleted and there are hardly any settings that can be restored. Just save settings at some place before performing this action.

Steps to clear the app data from the Terrarium app are discussed here as follows:

  • Open settings from the home screen and click to go to ‘Applications’.
  • Scroll down and click to open ‘Manage installed apps’.

Scroll down and click on ‘Terrarium TV’. You will find options like ‘Data Size…’ Cache….’

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