How To Get Rid Of Kindle Fire Camera App Problem?

How To Get Rid Of Kindle Fire Camera App Problem?

Today in this guide I am going to share one odious problem with you which has been faced Kindle fire users. The problem is related to the kindle camera app installed in it. I will discuss my experience with you.

I got my kindle purchased from online Amazon store for just $50. I purchased it as I was fond of reading books, so when I came to know about this product, then instead of purchasing textbooks I started downloading EBooks on my kindle. One day, I tried to take a picture from Kindle fire back camera. As soon as I opened the camera app, I got a message on screen which displays, ‘Your app is crashed’. I was shocked for a minute. Later on, I decided to fix on my own. For this, I made a call to the kindle support number from where I didn’t get justified answer to my query. After so many workarounds, I come to the conclusion finally which I am going to share with you today. So, friends if you are also getting the same problem, then follow the steps mentioned in this post.

What I have found out is the problem with the memory of kindle but not with the camera. You just need to manage the memory of your kindle.

Somehow, I succeeded in coming out of this witty situation. Now I got stuck with another problem which was related to Pictures. I was not being able to save the pics at a time. When I tried to get into the picture settings, nothing was found. The solution was not even available on kindle support page. In the last, I have tried to fix it by performing an update on kindle but didn’t get success. Later on, I changed the picture folder destination to the cloud drive. In cloud drive, you can share your pictures or music online which will remain store over there. You can restore it on your computer or kindle anytime by just login to the cloud ID. You need the login details like username and password to enter to cloud storage. You can also try ‘Force closing’ of the app from the settings menu. This may solve the purpose. Restart your app.

To solve the camera app problem, you can do one thing, just download the updated version of camera app from the app store and check if the problem still persists or not. If your Kindle has no access to the internet, then you can sideload the app from the computer by transferring through USB drive.

You will find .APK file in your computer. Just copy and paste it in your kindle. Run as an administrator in your device. If you are using a paperwhite model to run the camera, then you can go to paperwhite page and get help from there.

In the end, I want to suggest you that if you are also getting the same problem, then you can either implement the steps mentioned today in this post or go to Kindle customer support link. From there, you can find if the Kindle is under warranty or not and replace it accordingly. If you find these steps helpful, then encourage me by posting a comment in the section given below.

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