How To Perform Amazon Echo Setup With SmartThings Hub To Make Both Devices Work Together?

Amazon Echo is a smart voice assistant manufactured by Amazon. The device consists of a wide number of amazing features that make lives of the people a lot easier.

Where other voice assistants just respond to the instructions of the users, Amazon Echo responds as well as gives alternatives. For example: If you want to play a particular song that you think is present in your storage devices, then you voice request Amazon Echo to play that song. But, the song isn’t there in your storage device, so Amazon Echo will respond, “Unable to find such song in the storage devices, would you instead like me to find the song from the web and play it?” This is something, which amazes people because they don’t just get the answer to their questions but also the right solution. Two other devices, i.e., Amazon Echo Dot and Amazon Echo Tap offers similar features.

Amazon Echo itself is a complete device that you don’t need to add anything to it. But, if you really want to expand your home automation horizons, then you can think about getting SmartThings Hub. This is a great idea because it can really give a boost to your home automation. You have to check whether your Amazon Alexa setup has been done properly or not. A lot depends on Alexa setup, so you have to be very careful.

But, there are a few things that you have to keep in mind. You have to make sure that you have your own router in the house. If you are looking to make use of SmartThings, then you have to hardwire it to a router. You can also make use of a managed switch, but make sure that it is not hooked onto the Wi-Fi. If you have your own router, then that’s good, but that’s not the only thing to make SmartThings Hub work. You have to make sure that the hub find a way back out to the internet so that it can function properly. If you are planning to connect the hub to a switch that is wired to your router, then that might not work. If you want to ensure that the SmartThings Hub work, then you have to wire it for sure. For any further details, you get in touch with Amazon Echo help and support providers.


The only way by which Amazon Echo is going to interact with your SmartThings Hub is via Cloud. The cloud service of Echo is going to be hooked up with the cloud service of SmartThings, and then the sharing of data will take place. There isn’t any interaction through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, so don’t even try to do so. You have to understand that Amazon Echo and SmartThings Hub work in an independent manner, so if there needs to be any interaction, then it has to be outside of your network. There is no need to do any special Amazon Echo setup while connecting to SmartThings Hub.

The only time when you will be log into www Amazon com echosetup is when you are setting the device up. After that, the interaction will take place through cloud service and for that, there is no need to make any changes in the original setup of the device. When you get both, Echo and SmartThings together, you will see that things have become a lot simpler for you magically. That’s the power of smart automation.

If you are not able to connect Echo with SmartThings, then there is definitely some problem with your Echo setup, so what you have to do is, you have to go echosetup to cross-check the settings.