How To Save Internet Texts To Read On Kindle?

How To Save Internet Texts To Read On Kindle?

You can learn how to create a button to submit web articles to read on your Amazon e-reader and save the view of the light emitted by the computer.

The Kindle has an e-ink screen that does not tire your eyes when reading e-books and can be very useful also for consuming articles from Internet sites. Amazon’s famous e-reader does not have a native mechanism for receiving web links, but an outside service helps with this task. With Tinderizer, you can create a button in your browser and send interesting pages to read in the e-reader with one click.

Check out below-mentioned steps to know how to set up any recent Kindle model to read web texts. You must follow the steps in the same order in which they are given.

Step 1. Go to Amazon’s official website (, log in and go to the menu of your account. Select the “Manage your content and devices” option.

Step 2. Click the “Settings” tab.

Step 3. Scroll down the page until you find your Kindle e-mail address. Write it down to use later. Below, in the list of approved emails, enter your email address. If you don’t know how to find your Kindle email address, then you can get in touch with Tablet Helpline, which is a top website for resolving issues related to Kindle.

Step 4. In your computer’s browser, go to Tinderizer and click on the side under “The Solution”.

Step 5. Click the third checkbox on the side to see an email field. Enter your Kindle address noted in Step 3 of this tutorial. Then select “What’s next.”

Step 6. Click and hold the cursor on “Send to my Kindle” and drag the button to the browser’s bookmarks bar.

Step 7. If you want to leave the name in English, you can edit the button with a right click of the mouse.

Step 8. When opening web articles in the browser, just click the button to send a text to read on Kindle. A notification appears in the corner of the screen telling you that everything worked, and the content arrives formatted to read comfortably on the Amazon reader.

Remember that it is essential to register Tinderizer’s e-mail, as described in Step 3 of the tutorial, to receive the text on Kindle. Otherwise, Amazon will block content and it will never arrive via Wi-Fi on the device. The best is that once set up, a single click takes articles from the internet to your electronic reader to view, even, offline.

If you have performed these steps, yet not able to view internet text pages on your Kindle, then there must have been something that you have missed. In order to verify the steps, you can take the help of experts. There are Kindle help and support providers available that resolve from simplest to the most complicated issues.

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