How To Send Your Personal Documents To Your Kindle Tablet Or App?

When you have the apps and devices that are supported by Kindle, then buying eBooks is a lot easier. Kindle eBooks are wonderful, but people want to know if there is any option to read the articles, documents or even ebooks, which they have written or got from other sources. Well, there must be a way, and if there is any, then we are going to find it out in this blog post.

Regardless of which Kindle device you use, it is possible to send your personal documents, which could be articles, ebooks or any other file. Not just the Kindle device, but you can send the documents to the Kindle app for Android and iOS. There is a feature by the name of ‘Send-To-Kindle’, which is getting very popular among the people because it is easy to send content to Kindle devices and apps. The feature works in the first ever Kindle device as well, and also the latest one, i.e., Kindle Oasis. But, there is some bad new as well, which I want to give, i.e., the ‘Send-To-Kindle’ feature doesn’t work in BlackBerry App, Windows Phone App, Windows 8 App and Kindle’s Cloud Reader. So, if you are using any of these apps, then you won’t be able to access this app.

Having said that, I would also like to mention that there is more than one way of sending the documents to the Kindle or the apps that are supported by the same. You can send it via your desktop, browser, Android devices or emails. We are going to discuss how it is possible in the paragraphs to follow.

Sending by Email

In order to send the content via email, you can go to ‘Manage Content & Devices’ and perform a small set up. Click ‘Settings’ and search for ‘Send-To-Kindle’ email settings. If you are unable to find it, then please take Kindle help.

You will see a list of the devices you can access. Those are the devices that you can send the content to, but you need an email address related to the device in order to do so. You will have to wait until the mail is approved. It is not possible to send content from unauthorized sources. So, you have to look for ‘Approved personal document email list’ option in order to add the mails that you will use to send the documents.

Sending by PC

There is a ‘Send-to-Kindle’ app that you can download on your Mac or Windows PC to send the content. Just install the app and start sending the files, as there is no setup process. If you wish to send web pages, articles or blog posts, then you can have the browser extension. For more information about the system to send the files from PC, log onto www Kindle com support.

Sending by browser

You can download extensions on your Chrome or Firefox browser. Sending files via browser is also a lot easier. In case, there is any issue, then log onto Kindle com support.

Sending by Android

As we all know that Android is a much bigger platform than iOS, so you can easily send documents on your Kindle device using ‘Send-to-Kindle’ app. This system is not possible on iOS, so bad luck for those who are using iOS devices.

The files can be sent in the same in Kindle Fire tablets, as there is no special process to send the files. But, if you are not able to transfer the files, then you need to take Kindle Fire support.

It doesn’t matter which Kindle device you are using, you can easily send files using the methods that we have discussed above. If you are using Kindle Paperwhite, then you can follow the same procedure, and if there is any issue, then you have Amazon Kindle support to fall back on. They will help you fix the issue.