How To Sync Kindle With The Official Mobile App?

How To Sync Kindle With The Official Mobile App?

Kindle app is the answer to all the questions related to how a person would read his/her favorite books when he/she has no Kindle device around. Amazon has launched Kindle app to add to the convenience of its users who were looking to read their favorite eBooks. Recently, a new feature has been added to the Kindle app, which allows users to sync Kindle app across different devices. Let’s discuss this feature in detail in the post below.

Synchronizing of Kindle app is a feature that has been added by Amazon recently, and with this feature, users can read their books on different devices. This will be extremely helpful in a situation when a user who is reading his/her favorite eBook on one device, but then, have to go to finish some urgent work at some other place. Now, he/she can continue reading that book on another device from the same page where he/she has left off. This makes things a lot easier for those who only like reading eBooks during their free time.

Kindle users can read their books across devices thanks to the official Amazon application. Through a process of syncing between the e-reader and the app, you can continue to read a title exactly from the page where you left off, whether it was last opened in the digital book reader or on your smartphone. If you want to know more about this feature and how it works, then you will have to go through the step-by-step process.

Note: This feature works on both Android and iPhone, so you can download and install the app on any of these platforms to enjoy uninterrupted reading.

Syncing your Kindle app on your phone

Step 1. Download the Kindle app on your phone. After opening the program, tap “Start Reading” and then enter your username and Amazon account.

Step 3. Touch the menu icon, represented by three horizontal lines. Then choose “Sync”.

All of your Kindle books will also appear in the app. When you open them, they display the last page you read.

Enabling synchronization on an e-reader

Step 1. Go to the Kindle homepage. If you are in the middle of reading a book, simply tap the top of the page and then the icon that refers to a house.

Step 2. On the Kindle homepage, touch the gear icon.

Step 3. In the menu that appears, select the “Synchronize your Kindle” option.

Now, automatically, when you open the book on any device, it will start on the last page you read. This was the entire process of syncing Kindle app to read the content where you have left off on another device. However, if you are not able to use the feature despite performing the process in the exact same way, then you must have missed something or performed a step in a wrong way. What you will have to do is get in touch with kindle tech support to figure out what the problem is and then, rectify it as quickly as possible.

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