How To Troubleshoot Common Problems On Kindle Touch

How To Troubleshoot Common Problems On Kindle Touch

The kindle Tablet nowadays is at the peak of its powers surpassing Apple IPad mini because of its low price and astonishing features. In this matte black box, you can save as many numbers of books and movies as you want which are priced lesser than the other platforms. We are talking about the situation when everything works normally on kindle. When any problem encounters with this device, then this may ruin the reading experience. The software installed in the Kindle Touch may block for no reason. Apps you installed from the Amazon app store may create an issue which you might not have expected. Sometimes, the issues may result in deleting of the movies, books, and music even.

Deregister your device

 The most common cause of problem reported on kindle touch is registering on the account with different credentials every time. No doubt, you will be able to download the books from new kindle account but may get the problem in fetching the books later on. When you keep on registering the device with new account every time, you will get an error on the screen that you have already downloaded the book from too many devices. To fix this issue, it is recommended to deregister the Kindle from the Kindle app. You can de-register from the Kindle Management page.

From where do you get a Kindle support?

 If you are facing problem in Kindle Touch, then you can get help from ‘Device area’ given under help section. You need to select the device first, then click on the problem if it is available on the screen otherwise mention it.

How to Restart a Kindle Fire?

Press and hold the power button of your Kindle Touch for at least 20 seconds. This will shut down your Kindle forcibly. Now turn on the device again. This will help you if your device is locked up all of a sudden.

If you want to improve the performance of the device when it is still working, then you can do so by pressing the power button for 20 seconds and click on ‘Power off’ option. Wait for some seconds and turn it on again.

How to Reset Amazon Kindle Fire?

Go to settings from the top flag menu. Click on ‘Device’ options. Select ‘Factory reset’.

We suggest you to reset your Kindle only if you are going to sell it or you have tried all other steps to get back to the reading experience. As we know that reset will delete everything from the Kindle whether it is a movie, shows, books or apps. You are to download again from the scratch after this function.

How to remove the Special offers Advertisements?

Kindle fire tablets are available at the too reasonable price these days that one can easily afford it purchase. Now, you can get the basic Kindle for $49 which was earlier available for $249. The company is offering this special price along with on-screen ads. You will receive the ads on the locked screen.

You can remove specials offers anytime if they create inconvenience for you. You need to login to the account with username and password. Click on the ‘Action button’ given next to the name of the device.

Tap ‘Edit’ to modify the specials offers and Ads on the screen. You have to pay charges for removing the ad or special offers from the Kindle tablet.

 For more information related to special offers subscription, you can click on the ‘Special offers’ link given on the support page.

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