Labo – The ZigBee Hub Of Amazon Echo Plus.

Labo – The ZigBee Hub Of Amazon Echo Plus.

When Amazon announced the release of its Echo Plus, the Web giant has promised an “improved” version of the first Amazon Echo support. Moreover, to fulfill this promise, the firm of Jeff Bezos relies on a ZigBee hub that allows the speaker to detect and configure very quickly the various equipment of athe connected home.

Thus, it is no longer necessary to go through a connection bridge to configure its ZigBee compatible devices. To date, the catalog of products compatible with this communication protocol mainly includes bulbs (including the famous Philips Hue or those from the Ikea Tradfri range), switches, connected outlets or thermostats.

Undoubtedly, this feature can be interesting for those who wish to free themselves from the use of a Hue connection bridge; an essential accessory for the proper functioning of the bulbs in normal times.

The connection bridge has the disadvantage of being connected both in Ethernet to the home Internet box and at the same time to a power outlet for power. Such a configuration, if it is properly optimized on the Hue ecosystem, can be restrictive for some users. In this, the integration of the ZigBee hub in the Amazon Echo Plus overcomes this problem.

The configuration that brings good results

To ensure the functionality of this feature, you can remove new Philips Hue Play light bar from the stock and connected it to a power source. Then, you need to go to the parameters of the Alexa application to choose the tab “Add a device> Light> Philips Hue> Detect devices”. The synchronization is complete.

By entering the settings of the luminaire on the application Alexa, it is possible to change the luminous intensity of the luminaire using a horizontal bar and to set the color of the Hue Play. Several temperatures of white are proposed as well as a dozen colors.

You will lose other functions, such as the creation of parts or lighting group, but on the other hand, you will gain a tab to create routines directly. Recall that routines, which are used to automate a series of custom actions using a specific voice command that the user can define himself.

For example, with a simple “Alexa, hello”, the assistant can give the weather of the day, follow up with the info flash while turning on the bulbs (connected) of the bathroom and launching the coffee maker (using a connected socket).

The features of Hue are therefore much more limited on the Alexa application than on the application of the manufacturer, but it was predictable because the very concept of the Echo Plus is to be controlled or control the devices to the voice and not from a smartphone.

For those who simply want to turn on, turn off, change the color or vary the luminous intensity of their luminaires, the Echo Plus hub is an ideal solution to overcome the use of a bridge connection.

For those who wish to go further with the Hue experience, the best is still to go through the manufacturer’s application, and therefore to necessarily go through the installation of a connection bridge.

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