List Of 5 Amazing Echo Skills Must Have In Your Alexa App.

List Of 5 Amazing Echo Skills Must Have In Your Alexa App.

Are you using any voice Assistant gadget at home like Echo, Tap or dot? If yes, then you must enable the below mentioned 5 Echo skills on your Alexa app to use the gadget to its full potential.


Say, Alexa, to open AnyPod

Pros: You will find hundreds of Podcasts along with playback controls through voice. You can play, pause or move further.

Cons: Number of podcasts are limited, there can be a between the desired results and the search results.

Brief: This is one of the best skill available for different apps. Apart from this, you can control podcasts like play, pause or rewind it.

If any podcast is not available in the list, then you can send the request for same on They will add the podcast to the list. The list otherwise keeps on updating on a routine basis. However, there are some users who are getting the problem in conversing with Alexa. Still, this is reliable and best skill for Echo gadgets.

Find My phone:

Say, Alexa, ‘Find My Phone’.

Features: You can find your lost phone through this skill available in the Alexa app. You can make calls to other numbers with this skill. It is simple and easy to use.

Cons: This app doesn’t work always. The setup can be a annoying.

In short: This skill enables you to find the lost phone. All you have to do is link your account and add a phone number to the . If you want to delete any number in future, you can do this easily.

Sleep and relaxation sound:

Ask Alexa to Open ‘Sleep and relaxation’ sound.

Pros: There are more than 50 sounds to play from. It will start playing in a . It is a to sound machine. This app keeps on updating new songs every week.

Cons: Sounds are limited and the quality is also not so good.

Summary: There number of ambient noises like thunderstorm or rain available in this skill and things like Airplane and fire brigade. You can listen to these sounds continuously in a loop. You can even set a and stop time for the loop.

Word Master Game:

You can play word master game by commanding Alexa. She will open the game.

Pros: This best game for those who want to develop vocabulary. It’s a challenging and amazing. You will love playing this game.

Cons: You may find voice recognition problem. The words available in the list are limited. It needs a algorithm and vocabulary.

Summary: You can enjoy this game on your Echo device. It is simple and easy to begin. Occasionally, you may find a with the voice recognition.

Capital One:

Ask Alexa what is my current account balance

Pros: You can check the account balance through this skill without any trouble. Pay bills and check last transactions. You can pay the amount of your car and property.

Cons: Security risk is always there. Payment flexibility is minimum.

It is among the top 20 best skills on Amazon Alexa app. Alexa has now updated to the level of innovation with the development of this app. You can use your voice to check the latest balance and last transactions. On contrary to this, there is a of security breach. Your account may get hacked by an . So, you must consider this point before using the skill.

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