People Can Still Grab Amazon’s New Echo Dot At Black Friday Pricing.

People Can Still Grab Amazon’s New Echo Dot At Black Friday Pricing.

This is 3rd generation device in series which is available only for $49 till next announcement. You might have never seen such a huge discount on any product from such a famous company like Amazon. Apart from this, other products are also on sale. You can get the speakers online for $70. In case you want to know more about the latest pricing, you can go to ‘www amazon com echosetup.

Luckily, you can avail the best offer by purchasing Echo dot at holiday pricing for $29. Moreover, if you purchase more than one, then the price will drop to $25. The price during the Black Friday sale was just $1 less than the price cited above. The actual price of 2 speakers if purchase in normal days is almost $70 but now you can get it for as low as $50. There is one condition applied to it i: e, you need to order both the speakers separately to redeem this offer. In case you have already ordered from the same account, then our fingers are crossed.

Another thing important to discuss here is: The speakers will be delivered to you after the actual delivery time due to more demand and less supply. The heather gray model is not available for sale till 12th December while charcoal and sandstone will be available from 15th December onwards. But one thing we would like to discuss here is that if you have a prime membership, then you can opt for 2-day free shipping at check out. The moment you select this option, you will get a confirmation message on the screen.

Now, we are going to shed some light on the features that are recently added in New Echo dot. These are improved speaker sound with surround sound and fabric cover which was not available in 2nd generation speakers. You have the option to stream music from more than 3 music apps like Sirius, Apple Music support, Amazon prime unlimited. Most people love to listen to music through Apple Music support so, the company is also looking forward to adding support for this platform. You can ask the latest weather in your location, news and even do shopping through Amazon shopping store. If you have smart appliances at home, then you can control that device just with your voice with the help of Amazon Echo dot.

So, getting more than 2 speakers at such a reasonable price is just a bonus for you. We suggest you to must grab this offer as soon as possible or before the sale lasts. The pairing of both the speakers will make you feel like as if you are in a cinema and enjoy Dolby digital sound.

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