With Alexa Update, The Speaking Pattern With Amazon Echo Will Get Changed.

With Alexa Update, The Speaking Pattern With Amazon Echo Will Get Changed.

Amazon has rolled out an update for Amazon Alexa, voice assistant on smart devices like Echo, Echo tap or dot. With this update, the Alexa is going to be smarter than earlier. You will find the complete details about this link on Amazon echo support page.

According to reliable sources on the internet, Amazon is going to push an update for Alexa enabled devices to make the conversations easier and natural with voice assistant Alexa. With this update, there is no need to speak wake up the word before asking any query from Alexa. You can ask your question directly from Alexa and she will reply to the command instantly.

Right before this update, Amazon echo users had to speak wake up word ‘Alexa’ before giving any command to a Virtual assistant. The wake word turns on the speaker and the virtual assistant Alexa.

There is new functionality introduced in it named ‘Dubbed follow-up mode’ that will make the conversation natural and simple. The users of Amazon echo can ask the information quickly after this update.

To turn on the Follow-up mode, you need to go to Alexa app settings from the smartphone. This mode is not enabled by default in the updated app version.

All the Alexa enabled devices like Echo dot, tap and Echo offers 5 seconds of time limit to ask follow-up right after the initial query.

When you speak something, you will find the blue light on the speaker start lit that reminds you Alexa is still listening to your commands and questions.

The new mode offered in the updated version of the app allows you to parse through what is being said in the different room. You need to activate this feature only during the interrogative mode.

In other words, we can say that you don’t need to wait for some time after your question is being answered by Alexa. The maximum time period allowed is 5 seconds. If you fail to ask something from Alexa after this, then the follow-up mode will be disabled.

To end the conversation or chat, simply speak ‘Thankyou’ through the mic to the ‘Alexa’. You can also say ‘Stop’.

Though it seems a small improvement, the users no longer need to speak ‘Wake-up’ word before any question or command. You can start a conversation without the word. In this way, Alexa feels like a human than that of the robot. The company is going to roll out this update for the United States users as of now. If you are from the UK, then you will have to wait for some time.

The Amazon Echo owners have come to know about this update when they found Alexa started laughing unexpectedly on its own without any prior command.

Echo owners are more than little creeped-out with this random giggling of Alexa in their silent rooms. Even, Amazon confirmed that this is a problem with the Alexa software and they are looking forward to fixing this issue at the earliest. A spokesperson from the US said that Alexa hears the phrase ‘Alexa, Laugh’ under very rare circumstances.

In order to change or fix this misunderstanding, Amazon has changed the phrase from ‘Alexa laugh’ to ‘Alexa can you please smile’. This will reduce the possibility of Alexa hearing wrong phrases.

The company has even changed the response message from ‘Giggle’ to ‘Yes I can laugh’.

In case of any confusion or clarification, contact www.amazon.com echosetup

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