You Can Now Make Skype Calls On Alexa.

You Can Now Make Skype Calls On Alexa.

It is surely a news that you can trust because there have been rumors of a joint venture between two tech giants in Microsoft and Amazon. Now, it is all coming out to be true with Alexa getting a chance to allow its users to make Skype calls. Let’s find out more about this in the post below.

Microsoft announced this week that its Skype audio messaging and conferencing service is now available on all devices that use Alexa, Amazon’s smart personal assistant.

Amazon and Microsoft are getting closer

We talked about it a few weeks ago, it’s done today. Microsoft and Amazon are strengthening their partnership by making Skype a reality on all Alexa devices. Users of smart speakers such as those in the Echo range will be able to make audio calls via Skype by simply ordering out loud: “Alexa, call Papy on Skype”. The lucky owners of connected screens Echo Show and Echo Spot will be able to make video calls thanks to Skype.

In addition to connecting Skype users, it will also be possible to make calls to mobile and landlines with the SkypeOut option. Microsoft also offers 2 x 100 minutes of free calls for 2 months from the time you link your Skype account to Alexa.

To use this new service on Alexa (once it will be implemented in France), nothing more simple since it is sufficient to launch the Alexa application on smartphone and finally fill in the Skype account information in Settings> Communication> Skype to link with Alexa!

Where Cortana fits in all this?

Would Microsoft be abandoning Cortana for Alexa? It is possible, but we can especially see that the two multinationals stand together in the face of stiff competition, of course, we are referring to Google Assistant but also Siri Apple.

The two smart wizards from Amazon and Microsoft have already moved closer this summer and now coexist in full interoperability! It is thus possible to call on Cortana via Alexa and vice-versa. In addition, Amazon recently launched an application “Alexa for PC” on the Windows Store, while Microsoft now allows its Xbox One to host Alexa.

For the moment, Skype call support via Alexa is limited to certain countries, namely: the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, India, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. However, without providing any indication of the exact date of further deployment, Skype assures that the list of countries should be enriched very soon.

The news of making Skype calls on Alexa is truly a big leap in terms of the relationship between Amazon and Microsoft. It is assured that both companies will benefit from this venture, but the real winner, in this case, is the customers who will now be able to connect with their friends and family members over Skype call made through Amazon Alexa.

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